and so it continues to begin

???????????????????????????????For the first time in my eight years at Valaqua (and, Jeff assures me, in all his years -to which we will not now assign a number-) there is so much snow that I cannot see the parking lot from my office. This is a mild annoyance as I can’t tell if anyone is pulling up outside of my office but more than anything it makes it difficult to focus on preparing for the summer sun. It is, however, light just a little later and just a little earlier and this brings a promise of long days and cool nights and summer camp that will jump out at us before we are ever really fully ready for it.

A past Director of Valaqua once put it to me this way: You spend all fall building a snowball, then in January you push it down a hill and it just rolls faster and faster, and gets bigger and bigger, and then it’s September.

And then you start again.

An apt description if ever I have heard one.

Coming through the winter months can be a challenge at times. It is easy to lose focus in the minutia of hiring and promoting and website work. Snowcamps help remind me and upcoming church visits will make it more concrete still. Sifting through resumes now and looking for a few more here and there and arranging interviews is the order of the day these days. Interviews will start next week and then hiring goes on forever and a day as we call references and put together lists and confirm staff and pull a group of wonderful people together to care for the kids who will join us this summer.

I find myself wrapped up in what ifs and maybes and spending time pondering and considering and then shake myself from a reverie and work on the registration system or answer a parent question or return a call.

Brochures are out, camper registrations are rolling in, hiring is in process, and church visits are coming up. We can’t wait to see you here!

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